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Cosmic Flower Alien Print ~ PLANDA ~

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This alien babe is full of cosmic flower power. Her name is Planda.

Plants and flowers used to not grow on her planet. Her race starved and they almost went extinct because of it. 
A group of aliens from her planet decided to go on an adventure to look for a seed that could withstand the poor and harsh environment. 
They traveled for years and finally brought back some seeds they saw potential in.

After numerous experiments, they were finally able to grow a garden full of plants, vegetables, and flowers. They were especially impressed by the colorful flowers they were able to cultivate. They started celebrating flowers' magical power to uplift and heal them from long depressing years.

I love drawing in bright colors. They make me feel more positive and happier just by looking at them. I drew this piece in hopes that it has the same effect on you. 


Vibrant Art Prints made to order.
I use Epson Premium Presentation Paper Matte 8.5" X 11" (216 X 279 mm) and Epson Expression EcoTank ET7700 to make all poster prints.