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Spooky Oiran Alien Print ~ CHIYOHANA ~

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Chiyohana was working as an oiran in the Edo period. She was the top Oiran in Yoshiwara Yuukaku and brought a lot of customers and of course, money. However, she was notorious for being mean to her subordinates and did not appreciate anyone that visited or served her. 

One day, as she was getting ready for work, she gets abducted by aliens. One of her customers, disguised as a human, wanted her as a bride. 
She eventually fought him off, but she couldn't find her way back to earth. Having no other choice, she decided to settle on this foreign and trippy planet. 

There, as she tried to make the best of it, she learned to heal from her past trauma, be herself, open up to other aliens, and eventually decided to serve the community as a way to make right of her past behaviors. 
Through working with the Wise-one, she's gained a third eye and her appearance has changed having absorbed the energy from this mystical planet.

She is now proud and at peace with who she's become as she stands on this planet that she's formed a special connection with. 


Vibrant Art Prints made to order.
I use Epson Premium Presentation Paper Matte 8.5" X 11" (216 X 279 mm) and Epson Expression EcoTank ET7700 to make all poster prints.