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Witch Girl Print ~ LUA ~

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Her name is Lua. She's a super cute witch girl who loves casting sparkly bubbly happy magic! She comes from the only family of witches and they are famous on her planet. One of her ancestors studied formulas to be in tune with cosmic energy and started practicing magic, using cosmic power.
They were persecuted when they first shared their knowledge and power with the public even though they had always used their magic for good cause. They were eventually accepted after hundreds of years of them saving other aliens from diseases and natural disasters. 

Lua's generation has always had a peaceful relationship with other aliens, but she knows it's not the case for witches on some other planets. Until all witches are free, she will fight with them. Lua's goal is to save more money and travel while sharing the wonderful world of magic with others who may be afraid of it. She wants to help other witches by spreading awareness. 


Vibrant Art Prints made to order.
I use Epson Premium Presentation Paper Matte 8.5" X 11" (216 X 279 mm) and Epson Expression EcoTank ET7700 to make all poster prints.