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Yoga Alien Babe Print ~ AMITY ~

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Her name is Amity. She’s from a planet called Santinia. 

Santinia is a peaceful planet where aliens from other planets go to rest and heal from their hectic life. 

They have breathtaking resorts, oceans, and sky. Plus, you can ride on colorful clouds on Santinia, which a lot of aliens go there to do. 

This artwork shows the peace and releases the first stretch gives when you are doing Yoga. It is a relief from the earthy stress or anything negative. It may not solve all the problems but it will help you balance yourself, and most importantly it helps you listen to your body and thoughts. 

I hope this artwork brings you peace and helps you imagine you are floating in the beautiful sky of Santinia.


Vibrant Art Prints made to order.
I use Epson Premium Presentation Paper Matte 8.5" X 11" (216 X 279 mm) and Epson Expression EcoTank ET7700 to make all poster prints.